Aug. 20th, 2009

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they start out as separate units, backs all hooked up tight. then i put them in a lingerie laundry baggie thingy, run them through the washer and drier, and they come out like this:

and it takes me 10 minutes to untangle them. and i'm good at untangling stuff!


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this comes from [personal profile] celluloid_jam :

Brown Paper Tickets is currently hiring staff for our brand-new bilingual (Spanish/English) call center in Las Vegas! We are seeking both new and experienced bilingual phone operators to receive incoming calls. No cold calls are required.

Day-to-day activities for these positions include:

- Receiving calls from customers who wish to make purchases
- Receiving calls from customers who wish to list their items for sale with us
- Troubleshooting for customers and producers with complex requests


We do things a little differently. Ours is an eclectic group of individuals who enjoy providing excellent customer service 24/7. We believe in openness and equality in every aspect of our business. This can be seen in the way we treat our staff, the way we treat our customers, and the way we treat our community. We don't believe in dress codes. We do believe in getting things done quickly and efficiently. We like people that can set lofty goals and then reach them.


Applicants should possess:

- An attention to detail
- The ability to multi-task
- Comfort working with a multi-line phone system, E-mail and instant messaging
- A friendly and fun personal demeanor!

Interested candidates should submit resumes to the email address above.

No generic cover letters, no phone calls, and no slackers!

For more information about our company, visit or check out our myspace page at


Aug. 20th, 2009 03:05 pm
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  • 18:16 Aw shit. i just saw a "Palin 2012" bumqer sticker. i'm hoping it was a joke. it's probably not, tho, given the stickers around it :-P #
  • 20:26 Jebus pants, it's hot upstairs. i should have an "everyone come over and lay around in their skivvies in my basement" party :-P #
  • 12:18 @Carlykoala i love being a dork too! :-D #
  • 14:01 WoOt! 2 new Dune books to devour! #
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how did i not know about this before just now??

if it's anything like Hogfather, it's going to kick my ass with cool.

>runs off to download<


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